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When the Wright Brothers set out to build a flying contraption, many respected people thought the idea foolish.  Everybody knew that a machine heavier than air could not fly.  When Marconi tried to transmit a radio signal across the Atlantic, the experts ridiculed the idea of sending radio waves around the curved surface of the earth.  When Galileo proposed that the earth rotated around the sun, and not vice versa, he was shamefully disbelieved.  Yet each of these people changed the world by overcoming traditional thinking, and found ways to prove possible what was once thought not.

These individuals were clearly evolutionary; they learned how to expand their minds.  Neither the Wright Brothers, nor Marconi, nor Galileo, accepted the world for what it seemed; they strove to see past the illusion of the obvious.

Before it was discovered that the earth was round, it was considered fact that the world was indeed flat.  This instance alone, exemplifies that what we consider a truism today could be categorically disproved tomorrow.

In this site, logic problems and puzzles will be used as a platform of logical understanding, followed by its application to science and an array of philosophical questions.

Whether trying to stretch your mind to decipher provable logic problems, or contemplate some of the most inexplicable questions facing human kind (e.g. the origin of man, meaning of life, existence of a higher being, etc.), one must break free from conventional thought, for all of the answers lie within.

Expanding your mind, in this context, is nothing more than merely thinking for yourself.  To be free, one must think as an individual, and avoid the conforming forces of human nature.

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"Expanding your mind" is harder than it sounds.  Solving the problems within this site and absorbing the depth of the philosophical questions pondered, will require such a widely open mind, it demands an entirely new method of thinking.  One must reach a point of purity in thought, upon which, the most obvious and logical solutions will surface.

Descarte, a famous philosopher, once said, "If you would be a real seeker after truth, you must at least once in your life doubt, as far as possible, all things." 

Imagine how difficult is must have been for people living in the era of Columbus to accept that the world was indeed round.  After thousands of years of roaming planet earth, it seemed implausible to humankind that the land was curved in shape.  This flawed thinking came from a narrow perspective of basing conclusions solely on observations.

So then, in order to expand your mind, one must get past trap-door assumptions, and accept the breadth of possibilities that exist.  Sometimes truth hides behind the fallacies of the familiar answers.

When solving some of these logic problems, a first reaction may be "it is impossible; there is not enough information."  Although that is erroneous, thinking this will make it impossible, for you would be blinding yourself from the actual solution.  This is the essence of logical problem solving...

Believe there is an answer, believe you have the power to find truth, and allow yourself to think abstractly, and you will be on your way to expanding your mind.

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LOGIC \Log"ic\, n. 1. The science or art of exact reasoning, or of pure and formal thought, or of the laws according to which the processes of pure thinking should be conducted; the science of the formation and application of general notions; the science of generalization, judgment, classification, reasoning, and systematic arrangement; correct reasoning.

Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary

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On the top left of each page, an easy-to-use interactive menu will be found in the red column.  Any "Expand Your Mind" logos, when clicked, will take you to the home page.  The pulldown menu labeled "Click to explore THIS PAGE" provides an index and direct access to the sections of the page that you are currently visiting.  The second pulldown menu labeled "Click to explore ENTIRE SITE" is a complete index of the entire web site.

Therefore, any page in this site can be accessed from any other page!  All blue text, even when not underlined, are active links that will transport you to the corresponding section when clicked.  If you have any problems or would like to offer suggestions on the navigation of this site, please visit our
feedback page.

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Logic Problems:  Exercise your mind with three different styles of challenging problems.  The puzzles vary from mathematical deduction, to spatial acuity, to lateral thinking.  They promise to expand your mind!

Science and Facts:  See the application of logic in action!  The basis of science is exact reasoning.  Different topics will be discussed including numbers, time, distance, speeds, among other fascinating facts and concepts.

Philosophy:  This section offers possibilities to some of the classic philosophical questions perplexing mankind.  Wandering into this section of the site is for the open-minded, and those wishing to push logic to its furthest extreme.

Myths Demystified:  Myths and superstitions are debunked in this section with insightful and logical explanations.  This area of the site, as with the philosophy section, may challenge your own beliefs.  Proceed only with an open mind!

Click "continue" below to test the expandability of your mind...

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